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I had such a great experience here. The people were so nice, the bud was so good! The place itself is really nice, really pretty with lots of art in the front which is a gallery. Back in the shop, it's all nice wood and very clean and bright. The budtender was very friendly and knowledgable. I highly recommend going here.
Paul HYelp
One of the most attractive dispensaries in NE Portland. The times I've been there the owner and staff have been friendly and helpful. Good variety of strains. This is an inviting place I can recommend.
Easy going & professional. Love this convenient local, great knowledgeable staff. Awesome atmosphere.
My favorite dispensary in Portland. The location is clean and looks like it should be in the Pearl District. Clean store with knowledgeable and friendly staff. Great prices, and just an overall pleasurable atmosphere and experience. Highly recommended.
HaoleTurtle Leafly
Panacea is first-rate all the way, from its spacious waiting area filled with local art and its helpful and knowledgeable owner and staff. Wide variety of products, extremely helpful staff. Ideal for first-timers. One of Portland's best dispensaries, even offering an info card on its growers. 10% of its profits go to social justice. High recommend.
What a lucky neighborhood we are to have Panacea! On top of having the most consistently helpful, knowledgeable and warm staff, their space is inviting and inclusive, and they've got reliably solid product. After trying a handful of strains, I went back with a list and was stoked to find my fave on special so I grabbed a quarter for $50. Happy to support a woman-owned business and happy to support a shop with a cause! P.s. Follow their Instagram to see specials!
mkbrockway Leafly
I LOVE this store. Just six blocks from home and the owner and staff are fantastic. Helpful, but not pushy. Knowledgeable, but not "weed snobs". AND they donate a portion of their proceeds to a charitable organization. I feel fortunate to have them as our Roseway neighborhood "go to" shop.
deejaymilez Leafly
Although not a part of the PDX dispensary fraternity, Panacea's product is up there with Farma's. The growers are top notch and the staff is friendly and non-pretentious. I find the prices to be fair for the quality you get, plus they give their annual pre-tax sales to social justice organizations. You won't find any tie dyes in the store- instead you'll be greeted by friendly good people, and fine art to be enjoyed by the larger spectrum of pot smokers and connoisseurs in PDX. Thumbs up Panacea!
Artistic and classy atmosphere. Great selection, friendly and knowledgeable staff. This is one place you don't want to miss.
Great neighborhood spot , always has the top % greens and concentrates, growing selection of edibles also.
Out of all the dispensaries I've been to, Panacea is by far the best in my opinion and is without question my personal favorite! Along with always having vary high quality flowers that are constantly rotating. The individuals staffing it are simply awesome!! Friendly, kind, and well informed I find myself constantly forgetting my purchase on the counter as I leave because I was enjoying the conversation so much! Thank you Panacea Crew, your the shit!!”
As soon as you walk in, you're greeted with a kind, warm and professional atmosphere. And the art gallery in front is such a nice touch to the experience! The staff is professional, knowledgeable, warm and friendly. They have a great variety of strains, and lots of other delightful accoutrements for your needs. I love Panacea for the people, the art, the herb and because they donate their proceeds to local, non-profit organizations. How great is that? Thanks, Panacea for all that you are and all that you do!
Great staff, vet discount and they carry a very effective High CBD oil for high pain levels.
Methyl Leafly
Friendly staff, solid selection, and chill atmosphere/vibe. This is my goto place -- definitely recommended.
moist_plonker2 Leafly
Panacea - A different type of ROI
Panacea gives all their profits to social justice. Yes, all of them. The dispensary was established to raise fund for affordable LGBT Elder housing and set themselves apart from other dispensaries with the "Principles of a Social Business" mission statement. They are a "no dividend company," meaning investors get back only their investment amount plus a small amount of interest, no annual dividend beyond that amount. The rest goes back to the community. Read Full Article | Review July Issue
Dope staff
More Than Just Revenue: The Social Capital Benefits of Legal Cannabis
Panacea, an Oregon company, donates 10 percent of their proceeds to social justice causes. How do we take these great intentions and expand them throughout the industry and into its culture? I am conducting a year-long qualitative study to answer the question: How do we create partnerships between cannabis businesses and community based non -profits that benefit those most impacted by the war on drugs? I believe that if we create a road map of philanthropy for this industry, the positive impact on society will truly be greater than the sum of the parts. Read Full Article
Amanda ReimanHuffington Post
Panacea featured in Tilda Noticias - Spanish & English
  Tilde Noticias (www.tildenoticias.com) is a Spanish-language weekly news website and monthly print publication distributed in Portland, Oregon, publishing original, objective articles on topics that include international and national politics, immigration, economy and the environment. Read Full Article
Tilda Noticias
"Beautiful shop with artwork in the front and great selection of flower/concentrates in the back. High quality and awesome staff!"
GreenWise - Leafly
Great new dispensary. Their OG Jones has helped my arthritis inflammation big time! Melissa is a doll and really helped. My new favorite dispensary.
"Perfect neighborhood business! I love their social mission and the fact that they're woman owned. great budtenders and selection. First time shopper / novice user and I really enjoyed the experience. clean, well lit, nice design."
Theta444 - Leafly
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