Marijuana with Benefits: All Profits to Social Justice (seriously, ALL of them)

Panacea’s Principles of Social Business

  1. Panacea’s objective is to generate profits from cannabis sales to support projects, organizations or businesses that promote social justice and address problems that threaten people and society – not to maximize profits for a small group of individual investors.
  2. Panacea is a no-dividend company. Investors get back only their investment amount plus a small amount of interest. No annual dividend is given beyond that amount.
  3. Panacea is a Triple-bottom Line company; value People, the Planet and Profits in our daily business operations. As we work toward attaining financial sustainability and generating profits, we commit to donating 1% of annual pre-tax sales to social justice organizations.
  4. We do it with joy!!!
Advocates! Steal this business model!
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